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Adelaide is one five main characters from the musical Willow. Adelaide is a Good Southern Lady who likes tea.


Averno Bible Description[]

"Adelaide is a Good Southern Lady. She has always done what one Ought To Do. She got married at 15 to a respectable man. She got a respectable job at a bank. She had 4 lovely children. She’s had a reserved pew at church since she was 25. She even vacationed in Majorca once. But last year, after 62 years of marriage, her husband died. Her children are grown. And Adelaide has realized that she’s never really had an adventure. But all that changes one day on her way home from church, when Adelaide steps off the path—and wanders right on to Beatrice’s property."


While walking home from Church, Adelaide trips off the path and onto the Anderson Farm, where Beatrice finds her. The two quickly fall in love over the summer, but sadly Adelaide is diagnosed with cancer. When she informs Beatrice, Adelaide is asked to move in with her onto the Anderson Farm. Adelaide declines, stating that she doesn't think unmarried couples should live together. That night, Beatrice asks Adelaide to marry her. Adelaide accepts, and they get married. It might not be legally recognized, but it's enough for them. Then, Adelaide dies and she's buried under the willow tree. Her spirit remains there, and it's where she becomes Meg's imaginary friend.


  • Adelaide is Christian