Averno Township Wiki

Averno Bible Description[]

Green mushrooms sit to the right of equally green text that reads "Al's Grocery" in a simple, non-serif font

The Logo of Al's Grocery, made by @the_garden_fae_gae

Al's has the lowest prices you can find this side of I-95s. The downside, however, is that it is humanly impossible to find a name brand anywhere within the store. From Red Twizzle Sticks to Pillowy Roasting Candy, you'll never pay top dollar here but you also can't be entirely sure what's inside the package.

Winter Solstice Lore[]

There was only one grocery store in Averno. Of course, if you drove down a ways and out a ways, you could find your way to a Safeway, where you could spend twice as much for some wilty lettuce and those fancy organic brands with names like “Valley home” and “Promised nature.” But the folks round here knew Al’s was a one stop shop for everything you could ever need so long as you weren’t too picky about what exactly was in the can. Al’s, as a rule, refused to carry name brand anything- if you wanted something specific, you usually just wandered to the right aisle and picked whatever had the logo that looked most like the thing you wanted. “Krik-kraks”, “nuggets of love”, and of course “pillowy roasting candy” were big sellers in the summer, and during barbeque season they had a bulk supply deal with Roadkill Cuts Butcher on “bags of barbi-bits”, rebranded during winter as “stewbits”. No one had ever seen Al’s Grocery get restocked- Halloween candy stuck around year-round, and the packaging was never updated. Occasionally, high-schoolers dared each other to sneak in, hide something behind the boxes of Froot Hoops or Choccy Transylvanians, but it always disappeared. The lights were never turned off. Al never left, just “went to the backrooms”, and the cardboard cutout of the Billsperry Dough-human went on watching the road out of town, snow-covered and spring-muddy, waiting for the inevitable return of those who always said they’d be back.


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