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The Averno Cave System is a series of tunnels that spreads underneath the Town and Forest of Averno.


The Averno Cave System is most heavily featured in the musical Dazed, as the location where Hugo disappears from and the last place we see Kennedy and Clover before their story ends. When Clover finds and confronts Kennedy in one of the caves, Kennedy tells her that "the place... is an outlet. A place where all the power goes through, maybe where it all goes out." (43:40)

Main Branches[]

Gemini Leo Branch- the Gemini Leo Branch is a gorgeous cavern with millions of crystals embedded naturally on the ceiling that are in a similar pattern to constellations in space. This cavern is lit up by its starry ceilings and has a small water-bank called "Taurus Cove" where you find hundreds of glowing florescent fish the size of an American quarter.

Cryptid Hunting Caverns- given its name, the Cryptid Hunting Caverns is home to millions of cryptid species. Some in which are; Fist Sized Mothman, Walking Talking Mushrooms, and the Winged Snake (non-venomous and friendly). Traveling through this cavern is dangerous and risky, but nonetheless funky and fresh.

DUE Tunnels- the Department of Unconfirmed Existence is a part of the New School of Averno, this cavern is the students prized possession. These Cavernos are exclusively sold to students sorted into DUE. These Cavernos house school parties, competitions, and egg mines. Given the name, these tunnels are very similar to the Cryptid Hunting Caverns and contain 121 species of unconfirmed existence; alien fern included.

Forest Entry- [no text provided]

Tetragnol System- [no text provided]

Quartz Abyss- [no text provided]


A Caverno is a cave route (labeled by Roman numerals I-VIII) coming off from one of the main 6 caverns. These Cavernos are for sale through the Crystal Caverns Souvenir Shop, located here.


  • On the Crystal Caverns Souvenir Shop under the tab 'Cavernos For Sale', the following Cavernos have already been sold:
    • Gemini Leo Branch VIII
    • Cryptid Hunting Caverns II and VII
    • DUE Tunnels I
    • The Forest Entry I
    • Tetragnol System II
  • Under the 'FAQ' tab on the website, the Cavernos can be returned upon unsatisfaction, but a vial of blood must be given 'so the Caverno creatures don't attack you."
  • The password for the 'Inquiries' tab is "Daedelus", and leads to a note from the Find Averno ARG.
    • In a similar vein, clicking the word 'password' under the 'Cavernos for Sale' tab and inputting "Mad_Here" leads to the CIA document about the Gateway Experience (another clue from the ARG).