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In this town, the things in the woods aren’t the ones you need to fear.

Averno, VA was founded in 1695. In 1702, it was razed to the ground. In 1703, it was founded again- better. Purer.

Shadows lurk in the woods, ready to take the sinners. The eyes are always watching. Children disappear. Storefronts never change. There are always whispers.

Welcome to Averno.

Averno is a new multimedia universe that defies genre and encompasses a play, several musicals, two novels, a TV Show, a podcast, a collection of short stories, and more. Set over the course of 300 years, the through-line of the various projects isn’t a single character- instead, it follows the secrets, lies, histories and mysteries that enshroud the town of Averno. Conspiracies and cults, sinners and saviors, Averno has it all. A love letter to Southern Gothic, the occult, and the seedy underbellies of seemingly peaceful towns everywhere, Averno is a sprawling map of the secrets that intertwine humanity, the horrors we inflict, and the mysteries we can never unravel.

A map of the town, forest, and A New School.

Map of Averno

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The Town

Currently released works:[]

Come Home EP - Small EP with 3 tracks, including Averno's main theme

Willow - Small-cast myth-musical

The Departments EP - Instrumental tracks based on the 7 Departments of A New School

Dazed - Completed YouTube musical film about Unverno

Over and Out - Cryptid and alien based musical

Live from Averno - True Crime podcast

Welcome to Camp Averno - Camp Averno theme song

Under Averno - "Ghost" hunting webseries

Wild Ones - Webcomic based around the Wild Ones of the Forest

Bittersummer - Jukebox folk musical, Off-Broadway

Currently unreleased works:[]

Gladiator - Completed film script (rock movie-musical) with Billboard artist Zayde Wolf.

Works in progress include:[]

The Department - Live-action Dark Academia TV Show

Bittersummer - Live action film

Dreamweaver - Graphic novel

Bittersummer - A webcomic musical

Shorebound - Lake Musical

Imaginary Friend - Musical created with Sushi Soucy

Arcana - An epic poem based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck

Kitty- Horror musical podcast

Major locations include:[]

Averno - The Town

A New School

The Forest