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Bass Walker is a professor of Philosophical Theology in the Department of Higher Powers


Bass Walker, professor of Philosophical Theology, is married to Malvina and Dorian Walker and has beef with Professor Fletcher. He grew up in a town near Averno and rode the college boom to NYC in the 70’s. He did a lot of volunteer work during the HIV/AIDs epidemic. He hates suits, has the best gauges you’ve ever seen, and exclusively drinks black coffee, although he never seems particularly energetic. You have never seen him mad, and you most certainly don’t want to.


  • Bass Walker is 50 years old
  • He is married to both Malvina Walker and Dorian Walker
    • He met Malvina at a protest and Dorian while volunteering during the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • Bass is a Taurus
  • He is very into Black culture and activism
  • You've never seen him mad, and you DO NOT WANT TO.
  • Bass is 1/3 of the DHP's "Triumvirate"
  • Bass was inspired by Bass Reeves (perfect man, escaped slavery, first cowboy, persecuted slave masters, had Native American wife) and CJ Walker (First Black Female millionaire)