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Character Overview[]

Cam is one of the main characters of Bittersummer. The child of two professors, Cam is scary smart and fiercely protective of her friends.


Cam and Violet have been best friends since they were three. Her dad built them a little clubhouse at the edge of the woods, where they had sleepovers every Friday night. When Violet's mom remarries, Cam falls for Violet's new stepsister, Dahlia. It is their last summer in Averno and Cam is leaving for MIT in the fall. For now, they still meet every Friday for their sleepovers.


Cam is one of the main characters of Bittersummer. Cam and Violet, have been friends since childhood, even through the darker times, but as people grow things change. Worried at the prospect of drifting apart due to college, even with Dahlia and Quinn’s new arrival and friendship, Cam and Violet's childhood bond may not actually last much longer. Cam is trying her best to support not only her girlfriend, Dahlia, but one of her best friends as well.


  • Cam likes pressed flowers, the smell of old books, watching the rain, and making origami—particularly stars
  • Cam dislikes soggy cereal and pine needles
  • Cam is voiced by Jasmine Aurora in the Broadway Records album of Bittersummer