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Character Overview[]

Dahlia is one of the main characters of Bittersummer. She is Violet's stepsister and she falls in love with Cam. She is cottagecore personified and a talented artist that aspires to leave Averno and go to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.


Dahlia was born to Matt, a pastor that was all smiles at the congregation, but a mean drunk in the evenings. Her mother left when she was young. When her father Matt marries Violet's mother, she meets her new stepsister Violet and gets vaulted into the plot of Bittersummer.



  • Dahlia likes painting, walks in the forest (especially at sunset), poppy seed muffins and green tea
  • Dahlia doesn't like sand, cloudy days, arguments, and slow piano music.
  • Dahlia is one month younger than her stepsister Violet