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The Department of Higher Power's crest, which features a three-headed serpent intertwined around a plant.

The Department of Higher Powers (DHP) is one of six (rumored, seven) departments at A New School. Their subjects of study include theology, medicine and witchcraft, and they meet in the Holy House of God cathedral.

Averno Bible Description[]

The students of the Department of Higher Powers know there are older things in this world. Housed in a dome above the Holy House of God Cathedral, the students of the DHP are perpetually stuck halfway between this world and the next. From the antique surgical tools that hang on the wall to the jars of herbs that cover shelves that stretch to the ceiling, the DHP students are always reaching. From the ancient truths that sing inside our blood to the mysteries of what waits on the other side, there is a commonality found in accepting that we are not entirely in control. Students are witches and doctors, modern ascetics, dipping into the beyond with meditation and drugs, calling upon things that are too old to speak the languages of this world. Students burn incense as they compare notes on ancient religious texts, watching the ebb and flows of human belief. Paganism as the first religions to monotheism and the casting out of witches. The practice of herbalism- healer to witch to doctor. Speaking in tongues and consulting oracles. The wicked and divine, the sacred and profane, the students of the DHP want it all. And they’ll do anything to get it.


Bass Walker - Professor of Philosophical Theology

Malvina Walker - Professor of Herbalism

Dorian Walker - Professor of Medicine


This department's majors are Theology, Medicine, and Witchcraft.

Known DHP Students[]

  • Jolene Turner


  • The crest of the Department of Higher Powers (pictured above) includes the skeleton of a three-headed serpent weaved around some sort of plant.
  • The department colors are burgundy and gold.
  • The department's motto is 'reach higher'.