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The Department of Lost Histories (DLH) is one of six (rumored, seven) departments at A New School. Their subjects of study include English, literature, archaeology and anthropology, and they meet in the first level of the Holy House of God cathedral.

The crest of the Department of Lost Histories, featuring a skull wearing a crown of leaves and a silver circlet.

Averno Bible Description[]

Housed in the body of Averno’s Holy House of God Cathedral (built 1707-1709, abandoned in 1761), the Department of Lost Histories is a Dark Academia dream. White marble floors that echo with the click of high heels. Endless books in mahogany bookshelves that stretch to the ceiling. Upon first examination, it feels almost museum-like. But when you look closer, you see the cracks in the facade. Students tucked away on armchairs, chugging two-day-old black coffee from cups with lipstick marks. Dark circles under eyes. Piles of books left out from frenzied searches in the early morning. The students of the DLH are time travelers and detectives, historians and madmen. The truth is out there. There are stories that have never been heard. There are voices that have been forgotten. There are places still to be discovered. Armed with red wine and a working knowledge of Latin, near-encyclopedic knowledge of art history and an obsession with abnormal psychology, the Lost Historians slip between the cracks in human knowledge, digging into a past more mysterious than we could ever know.


Akshay Banjeri - Professor

Hamlet Whitmore - Professor

Edith Reynolds - Professor

Milo Fletcher Fauxe - Professor


This department's majors are History, Archeology, and English. Quinn mentions his major is something known as "Anthropological History of Folklore."

Known DLH Students[]


  • The crest of the Department of Lost Histories (pictured above) includes a skull wearing a circlet of leaves resembling a laurel crown, as well as a small silver circlet.
  • The department colors are forest green and dark brown.