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The pie shop logo by @the_garden_fairy_girl

Dolores' Pie Shop is a shop located in the town of Averno. It is run and maintained by Dolores.

Averno Bible Description[]

You will never find a crisper crust than at Dolores' Pie Shop. Dolores is the kind of take-no-nonsense lady that seems like she might have been around forever, making pies and glaring at newcomers. Known around town for their Local Pie, Dolores' Pie Shop is the only place to go for a slice of pie or serving of gossip.

Winter Solstice Lore[]

Dolores’ Pie Shop was the kind of place that seemed like it must be a front for something else. By far the most popular store on Main Street, there was always a line out the door, and getting on the private order list for winter holidays was an affair nearly as involved and secretive as an Ivy-League secret society, with a decent amount of bribery and political maneuvering for good measure. The storefront was always immaculately decorated, festooned with ornaments and snow, fresh tulips, choux bun bunnies or spun-sugar spiderwebs. The proprietor herself, the titular Dolores, was the kind of woman you didn’t want to cross. Young parents in town made a habit of stopping by the bakery, new mother hobbling along, often still sore from labor, and presenting their tightly bundled newborn for Dolores’ approval. Of course, it was always passed off as casual- just stopping by, mama had a craving for iced buns, but everyone knew if you had a new child, the best thing you could do for them was get Dolores’ approval. If any trouble ever came up- trouble in school, boy not treating them right, a slight issue with an unplanned- well, Dolores always knew how to clear things up. There were only two rules with Dolores- you were never to ask about her family, or what she put in the Local Pie.

Live From Averno[]

Dolores' Pie Shop is featured in episode one of Live From Averno, when Will and Quinn question Dolores about the disappearances happening around town.


  • The logo design for Dolores' Pie Shop is available for purchase on the Averno RedBubble here
  • Dolores' Pie Shop has a running winter holiday decorating competition with Skyline Diner. They also have a long-standing rivalry about what kind of pie topping is the best. (To quote Live from Averno, "Local officials would like to request that those responsible for the turf war between Skyline Diner and Dolores’ Pie Shop please deescalate immediately. The police force has responded to no fewer than seven calls about 'crumble top propaganda' appearing in people’s homes with no discernible cause.")