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Dorian Walker is a professor of medicine in the Department of Higher Powers


Dorian Walker, professor of medicine, is the kind of person who would have been too much for the world if they had been born a Gemini. However the universe had the good sense to make them a Virgo, and as such, they help ground the department of higher powers. And they do it in a glitter-trimmed white coat. They don’t really do emotions, except around their husband and wife, which often surprises people, given their flamboyant style. They are almost never seen without a wig, and try to model individuality for all their med students so they don’t have to have existential crises in their 20’s.


  • Dorian is married to both Malvina Walker and Bass Walker
  • Was affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis and was diagnosed at a young age
    • During this time, they met Bass Walker
  • They are 40 years old
  • Dorian is 1/3 of the DHP's "Triumvirate"
  • Dorian Walker is inspired by Dorian Corey (one of the original drag mothers who died after the filming of the Paris is Burning documentary) and House LeBeasha (as in the drag balls of Manhattan founded by Crystal LeBeasha.)