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Hugo Selva is a character from the musical Dazed, as well as the Find Averno ARG.

Hugo was created by August Greenwood.

Physical Appearance[]

In the artwork put on the official Averno Instagram (pictured above), Hugo is pictured as a young, white male with green eyes and brown hair with an undercut. In the Dazed film, he is portrayed by Cayden Larossa (they/them).

Find Averno ARG[]

During the events of the Find Averno ARG, Hugo dropped several clues through the ARG Discord server and through videos posted to Cayden's Instagram page. These videos included a video promoting the ARG event featuring a very possessed-looking Hugo, a cryptic bathtub video with an out-of-service phone number, and a sock puppet dramatic parody of events happening in the ARG.

The most important clue dropped by Hugo was the Ostrich Day document, which gave the first details about Unverno (which would later be used in the Dazed film).

Kennedy also mentions Hugo by name in a letter addressed to him, which is later found to be from the reality where Kennedy is a student at A New School.

Dazed (musical)[]

Hugo is introduced to the audience through Will and Quinn's Live from Averno episode where they discuss his disappearance from Averno in his senior year at A New School. He disappeared while working on his senior project, which was traveling back and forth from Unverno at the edge of the Woods. After his disappearance, his journal documenting his findings/slow descent into madness is found by Kennedy Harris, which they share with their partner Clover.


  • In the Dazed musical, Hugo is portrayed by Cayden Larossa (they/them) and voiced by James Frazier (they/them).
  • Hugo owned a pet toad named Maya, whose whereabouts are currently unknown.