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Micheal Ortiz is a professor of "patterns, codes, symbols, code-making and code-breaking" in the Department of Hidden Sequences

Character Overview[]

Michael Ortiz is the newest member of the DHS faculty. He grew up in Matanzas, Cuba and, after a long and complicated process that involved studying at 9 different universities, ended up teaching “patterns, codes, symbols, code-making and code-breaking”, as well a series of upper-level classes with equally confusing names. His students say he reminds them of a bird-man, and if you met him, you would understand why. He collects rubix cubes, has a pet cockatoo who sharpens pencils during class, and although he is an ENTHUSIASTIC professor and a fierce proponent of HARD WORK, he does tend to be a fair grader, if you know what you’re being graded on.


  • Has a mowhawk mullet
  • Has heterochromia and dwarfism