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Scarlett is one of the core group- the characters who weave through the stories and are ultimately present at the end of them all. Scarlett is one the main characters in Dreamweaver and Wild Ones, though she is also present in the musicals Imaginary Friend, Dream Boy and Wayward Sisters. She also occupies a central role in Arcana, the epic poem. She is the best friend of Soren and was rescued by the Shadow Mothers when she was a child. She is dating Poppy.

Averno Bible Description[]

Scarlett is one of the children that is rescued by the Shadow Mothers. She grows up strong in the Forest- a little too strong, just as all the children do. They aren't quite superhuman, but they are closer to other realms than we are. Scarlett can walk freely in the dream realm, Soren can hear the dead, and Thea can heal anyone with just a few herbs and muttered words.


Scarlett hasn’t always had a home. She spends her days drawing pictures of snails, hiding under her bed, and talking to the flowers on her wallpaper. But when the Shadow Mothers appear and whisk her away into the woods, she discovers a world she never believed possible- not even in her wildest dreams. She learns to walk between the worlds, to build a home for the other children of the woods, to survive through the darkest nights and weave a shimmering world of secrets, a world that will be her safe haven and her worst nightmare.

Wild Ones Description[]

Scarlett in Wild Ones, drawn by Orchid

Scarlett has been here the longest.

Scarlett in Wild Ones, drawn by Acorn

Of course, time in this part of the woods is always strange. If someone from the town were to count it- calendars and months and such- it would likely be eighteen years. A lifetime. In the forest, it feels like more.

Scarlett has been here the longest- she only knows this because she is the only one who remembers being alone.

Scarlett is detached, untethered, from reality, from earth, from the ground beneath her feet. She walks in dreams, she climbs trees to touch the stars, she looks just past- eyes always fixed on a distant invisible horizon.


  • Dreamweaver - Scarlett plays a protagonist role in this story.
  • Dream Boy - Scarlett plays a currently unknown role in this musical.
  • Wild Ones - Scarlett is the main protagonist and plays a bit of a narrator.
  • Imaginary Friend - Scarlett plays a currently unknown role in this musical.
  • Wayward Sisters - Scarlett plays a currently unknown role in this musical.
  • Arcana - Scarlett plays a central role in this poem, featuring in the second chapter, The High Priestess.


  • Scarlett likes her daisy dress, flower crowns (mostly daisies), fires with Thea and Hayden, snowy mornings in the woods, the rush of the hunt, the Shadow Mothers, and her dreams. She dislikes loud voices, loneliness, being hungry, people who aren't her family, and feeling like she doesn't understand something.
  • She lives in a junkyard in the forest (affectionately named The Heap) with Thea, Soren, Ever, Hayden, and Harper.
  • Scarlett was drawn as one of a set of six Averno witches by Raquel Valera (the artist behind Dreamweaver, who is no longer on the team). The other five were Florence, Quinn, Will, Ivy, and Poppy. Raquel described her as a forest spirit[1] and mentioned that she was dating Poppy.[2]


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