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Averno Bible Description[]

Situated at the edge of town, Skyline Diner sits smack dab in between A New School, Averno, and the road out of town. While it looks like a retro themed diner, that's really just because it hasn't been remodeled in fifty years. Students from A New School often show up at odd hours of the night, ordering dino chicken nuggets and Mountain Dew, not leaving until dawn when the first truckers show up.

Winter Solstice Lore[]

Skyline was an Institution, as well as a shapeshifter, as most buildings with an identity crisis are. Manned by the inimitable Ruth Jackson, known as Ruthie to her friends and MaMaw to Summer Jackson, Skyline was about as close as you could get to 340 and still be in Averno. In the early morning, it was home to the truckers making the long haul up and down the mountains, stopping in for some coffee strong enough you could stand a spoon in it. In the afternoon, it was home to the bingo club ladies, going out to lunch after their morning game, usually talking smack about the coffee or the length of the hostess’s skirt. In the evenings, it catered to the parents of Averno who couldn’t stand one more night of handwashing dishes (well water never really seemed to get warm, and always smelled a bit of copper and pond) who would bring their three, four, seven children down for vegan dino nuggets and the “mostly happy meal” (as no one was ever really all that happy eating vegan meat). Finally, in the cursed hours between nine pm and four pm, it would be overtaken by the students of ANS, driving over after play rehearsal or for late-night study sessions, filling the booths and ordering bottomless fries and coffees, debating moral relativism or the translation of a certain declension. By the time the truckers started rolling in, the students would clean up (there was a superstition at ANS that if you didn’t help clean up at Skyline, you wouldn’t graduate on time) and disappear into the night once more, as shapeshifter Skyline transformed once more.


  • The logo design for Skyline Diner is available for purchase on Averno's Redbubble here
  • Skyline Diner has a running winter holiday decorating competition with Dolores' Pie Shop. They also have a long-standing rivalry about what kind of pie topping is the best. (To quote Live from Averno, "Local officials would like to request that those responsible for the turf war between Skyline Diner and Dolores’ Pie Shop please deescalate immediately. The police force has responded to no fewer than seven calls about 'crumble top propaganda' appearing in people’s homes with no discernible cause.")