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Soren is the main character of the musical Gladiator, which follows him on his quest for justice in the town of Averno. He also appears in Wild Ones and Arcana, where he is the subject of the poem Justice. Soren is described as rough, yet caring and protective. He has messy hair and a multitude of tattoos.

Averno Bible Description[]

Soren is another one of the children in Scarlett's family. He is her best friend, her confidante, and her fiercest protector. But he is also driven more than a little mad by the voices of the dead inside his head. When the forest's children reach adulthood, they are given a choice- stay, become Shadows and Wanderers, or leave. Soren shocks Scarlett by deciding to leave- in order to get justice for the ghosts he's heard in his head for his whole life. The ghosts of people who have been murdered in Averno.

Wild Ones Description[]

Soren in Wild Ones, drawn by Orchid

Soren in Wild Ones, drawn by Acorn

Soren came second. He was Scarlett’s shadow- until he outgrew her and gained some shadows of his own. He never looks for death, but death always manages to find him anyway. The voices have almost stopped scaring him- almost. Most things about him are sharp and unknown, but the others don’t fear him. How can you be afraid of the thing in the dark if it’s the one protecting you?


  • Dreamweaver - Soren plays a currently unknown role in this story.
  • Gladiator - Soren plays a protagonist role in this musical.
  • Wild Ones - Soren plays a main role in this comic.
  • Arcana - Soren appears twice in this poem, first in The High Priestess where he is introduced and second in Justice that focuses on him.