Averno Township Wiki

The Forest lies outside the town of Averno and is the main setting for Dreamweaver and Bittersummer, and is a recurring character in Arcana.



When Aster died, she reached into the places between the world and created the Forest. Neither here nor there, the forest is a haven for anyone who's been hurt, anyone who needs protection.

The Shadow Mothers are the ruling gods of The Forest- the spirits of Aster and all the other women who have gone into The Forest.

The Wild Ones are the main inhabitants of the Forest. They speak Dreamspeak.

Averno Bible Description[]

The Forest is where our story starts, and, eventually, where it will end. The story of Averno began with the witch, Aster. After arriving with her daughter, Iris, she built a small cottage at the edge of the woods. A home, a place where they could escape their past. But Abraham Turner, an evangelical preacher from Richmond, made that impossible. He burned their cottage to the ground and murdered Iris. When he tried to come for Aster too, however, she felt something change in her. A rage, older than words can describe. She reached into the place beyond, ripped open the fabric between the worlds, and created a haven. The forest. A world between the worlds.

This original rage, original trauma, is what created Averno. Aster wanted a place where girls, women, queer people, different people, could find home. Could find community. Could find a chosen family and a place where they belong.


  • There is a playlist called Our Forest available to listen on Spotify here.