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Thea is one of the Wild Ones in Scarlett's group, along with Soren, Ever, Hayden and Harper. They are mentioned in the third chapter of Arcana, The High Priestess and are one of the main characters of the webcomic Wild Ones. Described as being "like a warm hug", Thea always carries around a small bag of wonders. She is 13 years old in the Kids chapters of Wild Ones and 17 in the Teens chapters.

Wild Ones Description[]

Thea is alive. Alive alive alive. Whatever she touches comes alive, reaches for the sun, shivers and straightens and remembers how to put down roots. She is what holds this family together- her hands in the earth, her eyes always laughing, always in the middle: between Ever’s storm clouds and Hayden’s gentle blooms, between Harper and the night she rages at, between Soren’s death and Scarlett’s dreams, between their home and all the things that try to grow into it.


  • Wild Ones - Thea plays a supporting role in this comic.
  • Arcana - Thea appears in the third chapter, The High Priestess.


  • Thea always smells like herbs and tea