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Character Overview[]

Violet is one of the main characters of Bittersummer. She is an accomplished musician, whipsmart debater, and baby witch that will do anything to get out of Averno.


Violet and Cam have been best friends since they were three. Every Friday night they would meet for sleepovers at the edge of the woods. Through it all—even Violet's parent’s breakup—they were there. In her sophomore year of high school, Violet’s mom remarried. Her new stepfather Matt was a pastor, kind and happy at the congregation, but a mean drunk in the evenings. Her new stepsister Dahlia was a talented artist only a month younger than her. They became best friends. Now it’s their last summer in Averno. For now the three girls still meet every Friday for sleepovers. One Friday they Meet Quinn. Violet takes pity on him and invites him to their sleepovers. That’s when they know their group is complete


Insert everytime Violet is part of the plot in Bittersummer


  • Violet likes soft acoustic music, fairy lights, hugs, and iced coffee
  • Violet dislikes toast, frogs, and the color orange.