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The logo for Wild Ones: dark brown, handwriting-esque lettering reading out "Wild Ones" surrounded by leaves, acorns, and a butterfly, all within a white bubble, which is set against a green gradient background with an outline similar to what surrounds the words.

The Wild Ones logo.

Wild Ones is a webcomic centered around the Wild Ones of the forest, written by Morgan Smith and illustrated by Orchi, Acorn, and Zee.


Every child round these parts knew: the forest was a thing to be feared. Woods like that, dark and tangled and overgrown, well, they were liable to snatch you right up, if you let ‘em.

Or at least, that was what people said.

What they didn’t know: deep in the woods, where the world gets tangled and overgrown, where starlight is the brightest thing you know- there, you’ll find the Wild Ones. Children who have grown up in this never neverland of blackberry thicket, bonfire nights, the beating heart of distant stars. Scarlett, who can walk in dreams, Soren, who can hear the dead, Thea, who can tease sprouts from the earth and call fruit from the trees, and Ever, who- well, perhaps that’s better left unsaid. And now, Harper and Hayden. The “twins”, who arrive at the edge of the forest, covered in blood, no story to tell.

But deep in the bones of the mountain, something is stirring. Something is waking. And while the Wild Ones are busy with the business of growing up, something draws closer.

Here, in the deep deep woods.