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Will Shepard is the co-host of Live From Averno and is Quinn's best friend at A New School. She has described herself as a 'punky little upstart' and is devoted to uncovering the truth behind the secrets of the town of Averno.


  • Will is a freshman at A New School with a major in History of Crime.
  • Will does not eat meat.
  • Will is an only child
  • After reading some books that teenagers read, Will became obsessed with the idea of pickle lip gloss. They experimented with it, tasting all kinds of pickles to find the right flavor, until they made it. It's now sold in bulk at Al's Grocery.
  • In Live From Averno
  • Will was drawn as one of a set of six Averno witches by Raquel Valera (the artist behind Dreamweaver, who is no longer on the team). The other five were Florence, Quinn, Ivy, Poppy, and Scarlett. Raquel described her as being obsessed with crime.[1]


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